Easy to Use

InDesign doesn’t have an easy way to fix those pesky single words that are on their own line. Solutions most people use (forced line breaks, Shift-Returns, non-breaking spaces, etc.) are time consuming and can lead to problems later if the text reflows. That’s why I developed Widow Fixer, an easy way to prevent widows throughout an entire document with just a few clicks.

How Does It Fix Widows in InDesign?

Using nested GREP styles, Widow Fixer tells InDesign to avoid breaking the last space in a paragraph, so the two last words must stay together.

You simply choose which paragraph styles to fix, or choose [Basic Paragraph] if you have not used paragraph styles, and Widow Fixer handles everything else.

Run Once & Forget About It

Unlike many solutions which stop working if the text is changed and reflowed, GREP styles work constantly. Regardless of how many text changes are made, once Widow Fixer has done its job, you don’t have to worry about it again.

Widow Fixer’s GREP style was specially crafted to ensure it works regardless of punctuation and special characters, unlike some other solutions I have seen.

Quickly Pays For Itself

Considering all the time you will save, Widow Fixer will pay for itself in no time. Let Widow Fixer do the tedious work, so you can spend more time being creative.

Requires Adobe InDesign for Mac or PC

Widow Fixer works on Mac or PC with InDesign CS4 or later (tested through InDesign 2022).

People Love Widow Fixer

This has got to be my favourite purchases of the last few years. Absolute bargain for the time saved on one project alone—just wish I had of come across it earlier!

Rory M., Creative Director

When laying out 80 articles in medical newspapers for overnight printing for the next day conference, I really appreciate Widow Fixer taking a part of the load off my mind. REALLY appreciate it.

Peter Williams

It’s an awesome time saver and very user friendly!

Judi Liametz

Worked Perfectly! Thank you so much!

Jacqueline Cote-Sherman